Mobile Phone-based Biosensors

We are pioneering the development of mobile phone-based platforms for point-of-care testing. We were the first to demonstrate electrochemical measurements of disease biomarkers in clinical samples using a mobile phone. We are currently using this technology for the rapid diagnosis of cerebral malaria.

Wearable Sensors

We are creating a new class of wearable sensors for biomolecular detection. Specifically, we are developing robust biosensors that can be directly fabricated onto textiles and wearable garments for real-time health and environmental monitoring.


We are developing lab-on-chips that integrate sensing and microfluidic components onto miniature platforms. This technology is being used for various applications including bacteria detection, point-of-care testing and analytical chemistry.



In addition to point-of-care testing, we are utilizing microfluidics for other important biomedical applications including sample purification, cell culture and cell assays.

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